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Principle Partners is an Asia-focused executive search firm specializing in financial services and emerging technologies. In 2016 the Government of Singapore was looking for a new process to hire qualified professionals and contacted Principle Partners about designing and building a new hiring system. So, in turn we were able to work with both Principle Partners and the Government of Singapore to build this new system.

We set up a series of video conference calls to scope out the project. Due to the 12-hour time zone difference this meant we were doing the conference calls at either 11pm or 2am. However, we felt this was necessary to work around the client’s schedule and allow them to have all their team members there for the necessary input.

With the client’s input we scoped out the specifications for the new system. At a high level the system allows candidates to register, input a profile, salary expectations, their CV, and add messages to prospective employers. The candidates would also answer a series of questions about themselves. Through a series of algorithms generated by Principle Partners, the system ranked the candidate’s capabilities.

Additionally, we were tasked with working with Principle Partners in creating a brand for the ‘ExacList’ product. Their desire was to keep with a minimalistic type based logo in the colour ‘vermillion’ representing good fortune. We designed their brand mark and supporting documentation for styling and branding standards. These standards and cues were applied to our designs for the ExacList product. 

The timeline for the build out of the system was aggressive due to the needs of the Singapore government. We put extra staff onto the project and our team all put in extra hours. We built the entire system and successfully deployed it in just over three months.

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